There are numerous Xero partners available across Singapore, most will charge an upfront fee to implement Xero for you. This can range from $500 to many thousands depending on the Xero Partner and the size of your business. 

Xero expert partners Lau Chin Huat & Co., recognise that small businesses need flexibility and value. As such we have decided to provide a free basic setup service which includes consultation phone call to answer your questions, and a basic setup to ensure your Xero is implemented correctly from the start.

For expert implementations custom to your business needs, we offers a one time payment of $300+ for the standard with no subscriptions or contracts.

Xero Setup



Xero Training- Inhouse


4 Hours

Frequently asked questions

The duration of the training is 4 hours and cater for up to 3 individuals. The training will cover your Xero setup, functionalities that suit your business and any queries posted to us prior or during the meeting. The training is conducted by a Xero Certified Advisor and it will be held privately at our premises.

It would be ideal if you can prepare anyquestions with regards to your accounting needs and notify us prior to the training. By doing so, we will be able to present a more informative and meaningful meeting for you.

While you can setup and implement Xero on your own, most business owners will want to ensure that their Xero is setup correctly for their business needs and that they have professional advice on tap.Therefore by finding the right Xero partner to take care of the burden of migrating, setup and implementation helps businesses make a smooth transition.