Chart of Accounts in Xero

OVERVIEW The chart of accounts is the list of all accounts your organisation can use to record your transactions in Xero. It helps you classify your transactions correctly, and generate meaningful reports to help you run your business better.…


How to add and approve bills

OVERVIEW Create a bill for purchases that you’ve made in your default currency or add bills in other currencies if you’re using multi-currency. Allocate credit to the bill you have created. Add and approve bills either in the web version…


How to invoice a customer

OVERVIEW Create an invoice for someone to pay you, either in the web version of Xero, or in the iOS or Android app. You can attach files, code items to different accounts and send the invoices to your customers. If you’re using…


How to do a bank reconciliation in Xero?​

Before you start your bank reconciliation Before you start your bank reconciliation, make sure you've entered all your transactions, such as invoices, bills, credit notes and expense claims. If any payments have been made on these transactions, you can…

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