Step 1

Log in to your mobile banking application

Step 3

Scan the QR code and enter the amount to be paid to us. You will be prompted with a message that you will be making a paymen to "North Trust Pte. Ltd."

Step 2

Select Scan QR function.

Step 4

Verify the amount entered is correct and proceed to send.

Frequently asked questions

The money transferred almost instantaneously.

There are no fees associated with using PayNow

Make PayNow transfers by scanning the PayNow QR code using the existing mobile banking applications of the participating banks.

We will send you a notice upon receiving your payment.

You should call your bank hotline immediately to report the erroneous transfer and to follow their procedures for such mistaken transfers. In addition, you should lodge a police report, and be responsive to police investigations.

The bank will try its best to recover the funds on your behalf. However, do note that the bank does not guarantee successful recovery of such funds and you are encouraged to be prudent to check the Nickname and Proxy details before submitting the transfer.

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